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October 27, 2022

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Medicare

Medicare is extremely important for those needing health care as they grow older. It can also be very confusing for new customers who aren’t sure what type of plan they need or how much they should be paying. To clear up the confusion and make sure that you’re getting the best Medicare coverage possible, it is important to ask Medicare providers the right questions.text, whiteboard

Does This Plan Have the Coverage I Need?

Not all Medicare plans are created equal. Before shopping for Medicare, carefully consider what type of coverage you will need. Is your eyesight growing worse? Do you have frequent dental issues? Do you take medications? You may think all of this is covered under most Medicare plans, but this isn’t true. Many Medicare plans exclude coverage for dental and medication. Be sure to ask your Medicare provider if what you need is covered by the plan they suggest.

Is This Plan as Affordable as it Should Be?

Medicare costs vary depending on your age, health, type of plan and other factors. Some Medicare providers may try to encourage you to purchase coverage you don’t necessarily need. While it is important to have the coverage you need, it is also important to make sure you aren’t losing money as opposed to saving money. Compare prices and plans before signing onto a policy.

What Procedures and Screenings are Covered?

There are different parts of Medicare (labeled Part A, Part B, etc.) that are designed to cover different costs. In case of a medical emergency, you will want a policy that covers emergency services, hospital visits, procedures and more. There are also policies that cover preventive expenses such as doctor visits and screenings.

Are Your Prescription Drugs Covered?

Plan D is a Medicare plan that covers prescription drug costs. As you grow older, you are likely to be prescribed medication to help you keep fit and healthy. If a medical issue arises, you may be prescribed medication such as antibiotics, as well. Not all medications are automatically covered under Plan D, however. If you take unique or expensive medication, make sure your prescription is covered under the Medicare plan you are considering. Prescription costs can quickly add up, so it is important that your Medicare coverage helps relieve you of some of the cost.

If you have any questions about possible policies, ask an insurance agent or bring a family member with you to double check that your policy has the coverage you need.

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