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January 16, 2023

Do Life Insurance Policies Require Health Assessments?

Purchasing life insurance is a big investment. You want to provide your loved ones with financial protection if you cannot be there to do it yourself.a woman sitting on a bed

Yet, getting life insurance can sometimes feel hard to do. It does not have to be. Some life insurance companies require a health assessment for prospective policyholders. Others do not. When shopping for coverage, consider the options and the reasons for health assessments.

Most of the Time, It Is a Good Thing

If you are in general good health, securing a life insurance policy is easy enough to do. However, the insurer may require you to get a health assessment.

This basic test is not invasive and it can be a very good thing. It can show the insurance company that you are in good health. If it does, this may mean you will pay less for the life insurance policy.

The medical exam can shed light on some negative elements of your health, though. If you are facing health challenges, don’t rule out getting a life insurance policy just yet. Just ask your insurance agent about coverage for those with health conditions.

What Types of Health Assessments Are Necessary?

The life insurance company will tell you what type of assessments are necessary. This may include:

·        Height and weight measurements

·        Medical questions related to any diagnosed conditions you have now or had in the past

·        Blood and urine samples

·        A medical record request made to your physician

·        Potentially an EKG to measure cardiac health

·        Other tests as required by policy standards

These tests give the insurance company information about how much risk you present. For example, someone who has diabetes or high blood pressure is a higher risk than a healthy person. Your insurer needs to consider whether you are too much risk to cover.

Some insurance companies allow you to buy life insurance without a health assessment. For example, you may buy a policy through your employer’s group coverage. This type of plan may not need a health assessment. Nevertheless, you need to follow any requirements the insurance company puts in place. This can help ensure the policy is in place to meet your needs and those of your loved ones. Don’t avoid life insurance because you don’t want a physical, though.

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